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What is meant by Loan Consultancy?

NiharCS aim at making available of various loan funding options which are available in India to interested parties.

Brief about Loans & its types-

“Loan” is a debt fund made available by various financial institutions such as Natioanlised Banks, Private Banks, Co-Op Banks as well as by Government in some cases. It is a facility wherein the financial need of various people and business is fulfilled.


Generally Loan are bifurcated into

A. Priority SectorB. Non- Priority Sector
  • Agriculture
  • Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Export Credit
  • Others
  • Loan to Corporates
  • Indirect Agriculture Finance
  • Large Business Loans
  • Others

What we do?

We provide all the services & facilities relating to Loan Funding such as Finding suitable Banks/ Financial Institution, Preparation of Project Reports & other documentation, correlating with various bank officials at the time of both loan sanctioning and disbursements, Fund Management after disbursement etc.

Our Network-

NiharCS has wide and extended network with various financial institution such as-

  • Nationalized Banks
  • Private Sector Banks
  • Co-Operative Banks
  • Other Financial Institutions

Through our professional network and goodwill we help our clients to avail the loan facilities provided by above institutions.


Before starting a business, the entrepreneur should be mentally and financially prepared to encounter the fiscal setbacks during the process. To bail the companies out from the fiscal crunch, several banks in India offers business Loans both for meeting urgent official growth and expenses.

Business Loans includes-
Loan for Short Term Purpose, Loan for Working Capital Facility, Loan for expansion of business etc.


Working capital facility is available for all types of businesses who are in needs of funds for surplus funds for short time on the basis of their stock, debts, receivables etc.

Generally such facility is provided for existing business having good track record with trading or manufacturing nature of business. Cash Credit facility which is given as Working Capital requirement is calculated as per the guidelines of such financial institutions.


To buy a dream home is the dream of every person. Home Loan has helped in changing every Indian's dream into reality. However, the every increasing property rates and escalating rates of interest sometimes act as an obstacle. Therefore, before opting for a home loan it is advisable to check every prospect of the product.

Tax Benefits on Home Loans: Any person who opts for home loan is entitled for tax benefits under Income Tax Act, 1961 on principal and the interest amount in the form of deductions from the chargeable earnings

Home Loan includes- Purchase of New / Old House, Construction of House, Purchase of Land, Expansion / Extension of House, Takeover of Home Loans etc.


Property Loan or Loan against property is a kind of loan which is allowed by the financial institutions for various purpose which ranges from personal to business. These loans are very useful when other resources of financing get exhausted.

Generally such institutions provide loans on security of Residential or commercial properties based on the value of the same. Such facility is available at from 40% to 60% depending on the nature of use of loan. The period of loan varies from 7 years to 15 years.


We are expert service providers in the field of Agriculture finance and have established as one of the leading firm in providing Agriculture Finance to Farmers, Dairies, Farm Organisations, and Self Help Groups etc.

We mainly provide service relating to following types of Loans-

  • Cash Credit facility for Farmers.
  • Loan for purchase of Land.
  • Loan for Land Development.
  • Loan for Food Processing Units.
  • Cold Storage
  • Crop Finance.
  • Dairy Development.
  • Other Agriculture Loans.


NiharCS specialises in Project Loan funding where we work hand in hand with the esteemed client to get Project Loan facility of desired amount. Till date we have provided our Project Report Service to more than 50 clients and have made available more than 25 Crores rupees funds in various Loan types such as Term Loans, Cash Credit, Export Credit etc. We through project report service closely work with Subsidy funding thereby reducing small burden of client through various Government Subsidy schemes.

We have successfully provided services relating to Subsidy facility such as MOFPI, Scheme of Dept of Agriculture (Maharashtra), NABARD, CLCSS, PSI Scheme, DIC Scheme, MSMEs Schemes etc.


Loan syndication is a lending process in which a group of lenders provide funds to a single borrower. When a project is unusually large or complex, it may exceed the capacity of a single lender. For example, the amount of the loan may be too large, the risks too high, the collateral may be in different locations, or the uses of capital may require special expertise to understand and manage it. In these cases, a financial institution may bring other lenders into the deal. Loan syndications involve a large amount of coordination and negotiation.